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proofreading and copyediting



Proofreading is critically important to ensuring your writing is free of spelling mistakes and inadvertent typos. When I proofread work, every word and every line is methodically and systematically checked for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, repetition and for overall visual presentation. This is usually the final step before publishing or submitting a document.


Copyediting / editing

The copyediting process involves a more detailed look over your document to ensure the style, language, quality and flow of the piece is consistent and suitable for your audience and purpose. I will address issues such as legality, tastefulness and clarity. Copyediting also includes all proofreading services including correcting grammatical, spelling and other general errors.


Thesis editing

Thesis editing is specialised editing for Masters and PhD candidates. This service includes all copyediting and proofreading and complies with the Australian Standards for Editing Practice (ASEP), Standards D (language and illustrations) and E (completeness and consistency).


Resources used

The Australian Standards for Editing Practice

Style Manual: for authors, editors and printers

The Macquarie Dictionary

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